Dominic Scott

Foundation: 1961

It was 1961 when Giovanni Lanzarini, basing on the expertises acquired in years of work in a salami factory in the Varese area, decided to leave the city and move permanently in Bassano del Grappa.

In Bassano, helped by his wife, he decided to go into business on his own and founded a little salami company. At the beginning it had only a little slaughterhouse that allowed a complete processing of the animals, that undergo all the required stages of production, until they became the final product.

Dominic Scott

The 80’s

The family business hired very early some employees, as to cope with the growing market needs and, in particular, with the demands of lot of consumers that continue appreciating the production of the salami factory: cotechino, salami, sausages, that allow during the years to grow the turnover, so that it was necessary to extend the production plant.


The EEC stamps are get concurrently with the completation of the work of the first enlargement of the plant and the entry into operation of the new production unit, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.
Salumificio Lanzarini focused on the production of mortadella and speck.

Dominic Scott


It is get the authorization for the production of Mortadella Bologna IGP.


When the second enlargement of the plant entered into operation, the extention of the company doubled. Mainly important was the start of the new production line, designed directly by the owner, that combined the modern technology with the 50 years of experience and create a new system completely dedicated for the production of Mortadella and prepared meat. Throughout 2004, the company get start a new frozen storage unit, new cooking ovens, new cold store and new seasoning unit, that allow to grow the production while continuing the guarantee of high quality and genuineness that has always distinguish the products with the brand Lanzarini.

Dominic Scott


Always attentive to the quality of the product and the working methods, it get the certifications brs, ifs, no ogm, iso 9001.


Salumificio Lanzarini snc become Salumificio Lanzarini Giovanni srl.


The steady increase of the production has led to the construction of the third enlargement with new offices and an enlargement of the warehouse.


Salumificio Lanzarini celebrates its first 50 year since the foundation.


Enlargement with new ovens to cook the mortadelle and curing for speck and salami.


Salumificio Lanzarini celebrates the 60th anniversary since the foundation with a new enlargement that doubles the production area and the frozen unit.